Peter Jones

Two time ADCAN award winner, Grand Prix 2018. Look what lovely David Reviews had to say.

Comedy and Horror are my biggest influences. I love practical effects, DIY film-making, texture, colour, and achieving results on no budget.

If I could travel back in time and make music videos and films for the VHS market of the 1980's & 1990's, that would be ace. If you have a working time-machine please do get in touch.



+44 79 1802 8670


None. This could literally be you, imagine that!

Think of the joy, the adventures, the life-time of memories we’d make.  All the Cannes Lions, MTV video awards, Oscars, Palme d'Ors, Golden Bears, BAFTAs, Razzies, Golden Showers, Silver Monkeys, Other Ones, More Ones, Big Ones, Fancy Ones, You know? The Shiny Ones, Things.

After the inevitable fall from grace, we'd look back and laugh, I'd say 'Remember when you almost didn't sign me?' and you'd say 'No?'